if you’re looking for a Good plant source of omega 3’s:

A Mediterra Black Olive, Walnuts and Chives bar is a great option plus it also delivers  6 grams of plant based protein and 6 grams of fiber which is almost ¼ of a woman’s daily requirement.

A delicious way to

add a good source of iron to your routine:

The Mediterra Black olive, walnuts and chive bar!

One bar provides 15% of the daily recommended amount of iron.

Mid-afternoon can often be a time of fatigue, so instead of grabbing an empty calorie option,

grab a
Cherry or Apricot & Oat Mediterra bar.

Both bars provide 26 grams of carbohydrate giving your body the type of fuel it needs and they also contain 7 grams of protein to help keep the fuel
boost going.

eating a snack
can often mean:

Grabbing something that is high in sodium.

The next time you need a mid-day snack try a Mediterra Bar which has less than 200 milligams of sodium in a bar keeping them well within the current daily guideline of less than 2300 milligrams.

under the age of 50:

The daily recommended intake of fiber is between 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men.

A mediterra bar helps you to reach that goal by providing up to 6 grams of fiber in under 180 calories.