What is

Mediterra is a wellness brand inspired by the time-tested Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle. Founded by New York-based Greek native Telemaque Lavidas, Mediterra serves up convenient-to-consume bars packed with gourmet flavor. Specifically created to keep pace with the non-stop schedule of modern life, each bar features the all-natural, low calorie, nutrient-rich ingredients that form the foundation of the Mediterranean Diet: Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and olive oil—to sustain energy and promote good nutrition.

More than a snack, it’s a movement.

Can I use Mediterra Bars as A healthy snack between meals?

That’s what we made them for!

Each bar was designed with a balanced offering of all natural, gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients, and a low caloric profile to sustain activity.

Grab one (or three) and go!

What flavors do
Mediterra Bars come in?

Mediterra Bars come in two key flavor profiles directly based on the Mediterranean Diet. Color-coded packaging makes it easy to grab the bars of your choice, and go.

SAVORY NUTRITION BAR (with Kale & Pumpkin Seeds, Bell Pepper & Green Olives, Olive & Walnuts, Sundried Tomato & Basil, Kale, Pomegranate, Quinoa & Almonds or Kale, Apple, Quinoa, Almonds)
Branded orchard green for their vitamin-rich vegetable content, these bars serve up artisanal Mediterranean flavors drizzled with olive oil and packed with protein.

YOGURT & OAT BAR (with Lemon & Walnuts, Fig & Almonds, Cherry & Pistachios or Apricot & Pistachio)
A layer of yogurt flavored coating makes these whole grain oat bars naturally sweet. You’ll find them packaged in Aegean Sea-blue stripes.

Check the PRODUCT SECTION for more details


Absolutely! Our Mediterra bars are made with all natural ingredients.All of which are found in Mediterranean diet.



Having Non GMO ingredients is most important to Mediterra.  All of the bars are sourced responsibly with Non GMO suppliers.



All of our bars are certified Kosher.


Are Mediterra bars
sugar free?

Great question. We made sure that our bars contain relatively small amounts of naturally-occurring sugar. The only bars we added a bit of sugar to were the Yogurt and Oats bars.

Do Mediterra bars contain peanuts?

Your health and well-being are most important to us. Apart from our savory bars, which are manufactured in a nut-free facility, all other Mediterra’s bars are produced in facilities that process tree nuts and peanuts, thus some of our products may contain traces of these and other nuts.

Are Mediterra bars gluten free?

Yes, all Mediterra bars are gluten-free. With regard to our yogurt bars, the facility in which we produce them is not a dedicated wheat-free facility, and therefore we are obliged by law to mention that there may be traces of wheat in our products since there are people who are allergic to wheat (an allergen). In order to guarantee our gluten-free claim, our products are tested for gluten and meet FDA’s proposed requirement of less than 20ppm (0.002%) of gluten.

Are Mediterra bars organic?

The USDA organic seal verifies that a multi-ingredient product has 95% or more certified organic content. Although Mediterra does use many organic ingredients, it is less than the 95% required to make the official label claim.

Are your Bars Low Glycemic?

Presently, we have not had the Mediterra Bars tested, so we can’t claim that they’re “officially” low glycemic. However, based on the Mediterranean Diet, the ingredients used in Mediterra Bars such as pistachios, walnuts, olive oil, whole seeds, grains and fruit among others, are foods that contain significant complex carbohydrates. These complex carbohydrates generate a slower digestion, resulting in a lower impact on blood sugar levels and help with overall blood sugar maintenance. Mediterra Bars are all-natural, non –GMO, gluten-free, contain fiber, protein, are under 180 calories and low in sugar. If you’re on a formal glycemic food plan, please check with your physician to determine if it’s a good fit for you.

How should the bars be Stored?

The Mediterra bars are best stored in a cool and dry environment.

Are Mediterra bars Vegan?

Yes, our Sundried Tomato & Basil, Black Olives & Walnuts, Bell Peppers & Green Olives, Kale & Pumpkin Seeds Bars, Kale, Apple, Quinoa & Almonds and Kale, Pomegranate, Quinoa & Almonds are vegan—free of all animal products and by-products, including bone-char-processed sugar.


The Mediterra team is hard at work each day getting its bars on store shelves nationwide. All Mediterra bars can be purchased at participating retailers or online. If you’d like to purchase our bars at your favorite local retailer, simply let us know!